Ideas for activities with Fall Leaves

OK, Moms, there are lots of beautiful leaves outside… what are some activities you have tried with your child using the colorful Fall leaves?  Picking them, sorting them, examining them, put paper over the back side of the leave and color back and forth for a leaf rubbing… what have you tried.  Please share the age of your child as well and what state you are writing from.  (Leaves are changing at different stages the farther North we go on the map… )–Mary

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3 Responses to “Ideas for activities with Fall Leaves”

  1. KrissyK Says:

    Hi Mary! Sunday afternoon was so amazing and nice enough to walk to the park. ON the way home we collected leaves the color of the rainbow. At home we pressed them between two sheets of wax paper and ironed them. To make blue leaves we colored one with a blue marked and also used some crayon shavings. It was quick, but fun!

  2. Kahle Says:

    As apart of the class this last week we did projects under the classification of science. For one of our science projects we did several things to include the 5 senses and pumpkins. First we visited a local pumpkin patch and got to see, touch and feel all the different textures of pumpkins. After picking our favorites we headed home to work on another project of baking sugar cookies; this project was geared more towards the math aspect but mixing the wet and dry ingredients was more science and included touch, taste and smell when using the 5 senses. We rolled out the dough used a pumpkin cookie cutter to shape the cookies and then frosted them after cooling.
    The recipe called for sourcream so once the container was empty I traced my cookie cutter onto the lid, cut out the pumpkin shape and then held it onto paper while my daughter painted the lid orange (you could also tape the lid to the paper). When you removed the lid there was the little pumpkin on the paper.
    Sound was the only sense I did not really feel like I had covered well during our projects this day so I took my daughter outside to play and we piled up some leaves and she jumped into them, listening for the noises they made when she landed and we talked about why the leaves made noises and how God had created the seasons and why. This was a very fun filled day and very busy with many activities but my daughter just loved it!

  3. mary Says:

    Wow, what a wonderful fun-filled day!!! Oh, the incredible experiences you have shared with your 3 year old will forever be etched in her memory bank. The smell of wet leaves in the fall will forever hold cherished memories.
    I loved the fact you focused on using the five senses. It sounds like all of the five senses were drawing in information for her to learn from. You were truly connecting more than a few “neurons” in the brain that day. As you shared about God during the experience, it allowed your daughter to access higher level thinking skills as she applied it to the beautiful world around her.
    Thanks for sharing it with us…

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