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Welcome to the Tools for Motherhood web site.  After reading over the activities and adjusting to meet the needs of your child or the supplies you have on hand, we would love to hear how it went!!

Please use the forum to spell out your child’s response, what supplies you used, how you incorporated other age groups of kids to the activity as they saw you playing… or anything else you would like to add.  Sometimes the best lessons we learn, are those we learn from each other.  Go ahead… be a positive influence on those around you…You just may make a reader’s day!!

5 Responses to “Welcome to the Tools For Motherhood Blog”

  1. hjvincent Says:

    the website looks great!! Congrats!

  2. mary Says:

    Thanks. I am so glad that you have had a chance to look through it. You are the first one to navigate how to use the “Blog.” Have you tried out the “forum” yet? I am guessing you are very knowledgeable with technology!!! Thanks again for sharing your comments.. : )

  3. hjvincent Says:

    I love this site. I admit I don’t get on here near as much as I wish I could, but I’ve been enjoying your seminar book. Zoe (age 3) LOVES to do the Sink or float game. It will keep her occupied long enough for me to make dinner. She has no idea that she’s learning while she plays but I feel much better letting her play rather then watch tv while I’m busy. And sorting- who knew that a muffin tin and different colored rocks/marbles/beads could be soo much fun! I’m loving this site and am soo blessed that you’ve done this for moms like me! Thanks!

  4. mary Says:

    HJ, Thank you for your kind words about the Website. It is mothers like you that take the information and do something with it in the life of your child. The words can sit here, but you have given the words life as they live out in your precious Zoe’s life. She will be a better student as a result of the time you have taken in “coaching” her in life and learning… Blessings to you and your dear family…They are blessed to have you for their “mom.”

  5. mary Says:

    We would love to hear from those moms that have just experienced your child going off to school (preschool or Kindergarten)… How are you doing? What are you doing to help get into a routine?

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