Looking back over your summer, what was most memorable?

Was it a special trip you took that was most memorable or something fun just around the house?  Please share what was most memorable and why?

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  1. daria3159 Says:

    Attending the Topeka Bible Church Summer Camp for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t sure about everything being scheduled. But once we got there and got into the swing of things I could see the pattern and importance of why the camp is planned the way it is. For me it was a true example of the importance of spending time with family and other families. How to really learn and lean on other people. We grew closer as a family and seen how much other families experience some of the same difficulities and happy moments just like us.
    Our girls loved it! Our 5 yr old, Olivia seemed to grow up in the span of 3 days. She became so self-assured and confident. It was really good for her. Our two younger daughters enjoyed it too!
    And for CW and I as parents, we learned more about how to bond and care for each other and our girls and how much this affects our daughters. Also how important it is for them to see us get along and work together as parents.
    I feel pretty sure we’ll be back. It was fun!
    God Bless All

  2. mary Says:

    Hi Darlene, It sounds like you had a wonderful time “building memories” as a family. You will cherish those times as you remember back fondly to the years your girls were young. We also went to family camp when our family was much younger and we not only enjoyed the “family time” but we also grew in our relationship with other members from the church. I guess you can say we enjoyed those “family times” too since we were all part of the body of Christ. : ) With Love, Mary

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