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We would like to hear from some of the TFM students.  What activity have you had a chance to do with your child?  Please share about it….

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  1. hjvincent Says:

    We’ve enjoyed doing a lot of the activities we’ve played with during class. We’ve just done the pre-math activities. What a great idea… we just cut out shapes out of an old shirt and then drew the shapes on a block as our die and then we threw them around the yard to find when we rolled that shape. To win the game one had to get a majority of shapes, so we first had to find out the majority and we did this by putting all the shapes in two equal piles and then adding one! It was fun and Zoe loved playing it and Lexi loved rolling the die for me. Plus it helped burn off some of that excess energy I wish I had at the end of the day!

  2. mary Says:

    Hi Heather,
    Awesome activity!! Plus you were able to find a way to include both your daughters in the new “shape” game. A mother truly is her child’s best teacher because she knows what abilities each of them has and where she can include them in. I am so amazed how the mothers in this class are jumping right in and trying those activities that they are learning about. Thanks for sharing!

  3. BSeltmann Says:

    Just before bedtime today we tried our premath game again! My son Rome and I sat down a couple weeks ago and measured out cards and wrote down the numbers one through ten and drew corresponding squares on each card. The first time we played I showed him how to play and he understood after the first card, but he didn’t care to play for very long, we got to the 5. However every time since we have gotten a little farther and he has started counting with me as I always count as he lays each piece in each square. It’s interesting because he can count 1-2 and then gets stuck, but if I say 3, he will say 4-5-6-7. I have definately seen progress already, it’s amazing how quickly they learn!

  4. hjvincent Says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the Tools For Motherhood workshop I’ve been involved in! Mary is such a wonderful teacher and I must say at least 2-3 times a week my 4 year old will ask to do one of the new games I’ve learned from Mary! Her favorite to do while waiting for dinner is the “green bean” game! I though mostly just get to cherish the many things we get to do together- just the two of us, weather it’s a Touch book using things we’ve picked up on our nature walk, or an “All about Zoe” book that we cut out magazine pictures for, they all mean so much to me just getting that time to spend with her one on one is the best thing I’ve learned from Mary! I don’t have to spend all day every day entertaining my child, but even 10-15 minutes a day with her alone just recharges us both! And to think, she’s learning something too, it’s not just busy work, but educational! Thanks Mary!

  5. jarahoney Says:

    My son has not been feeling well and we did not have a great night. He decided it was time to get up at 6 this morning, which is a little early for me, but since we were up anyway, I decided we might as well make use of our time. So I got a sheet of paper and the dot stickers, and showed him how to take one and put it on the paper. Once he got ahold of a sticker, he was more interested in trying to figure out how to get it off his fingers, but he did pick one up and get it on the paper all by himself! Pretty good for 10 months. :-)


  6. jarahoney Says:

    The way that Tools For Motherhood has had the biggest impact on me is giving me the inspiration to try things that I probably would not have considered for my son at 10 or even 9 months, how old he was when I started the class. It’s amazing how smart they’ll show you they are if you give them the chance! I can’t imagine what I would have missed out on with him during this time if I hadn’t taken Mary’s class, and realized the possibilities! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity and the help, Mary.

  7. mary Says:

    jarahoney, you have so graciously shared the wonderful thrill of a mother that understands her son. Yes, the class has guided moms through early childhood stages and ideas and what can be done for each age, zero through 6 years of age, in the 5 main subject areas… But you my dear, have had the wisdom to apply what you were learning… For that, your child will be blessed with the skills you are applying…as well as the little one to come in a few months. : ) With Love, Mary

  8. mary Says:

    Thank you hjvincent for sharing your heart and your kind comments that you have listed above. You have brought up the very heart of “what” the study is all about, and that is “to build a bond between the mother and child.” Yes, the activities are fun and educational and help to build kindergarten readiness skills, but you have truly seen what matters most as a result of the study. It has been a joy to hear you share in class all the wonderful activities you are applying at home and how you are able to adapt them to the needs of your two precious daughters. They truly are blessed to have a mother that pulls them close for a few minutes each day for some fun one-on-one time. You are right, it just takes a couple of minutes to recharge both of our batteries… and it is well worth the investment. : ) Love, Mary

  9. jarahoney Says:

    I’ve struggled finding pre-writing activities for my 10 month old, but we were outside on the porch one day, sitting on the railing. I have a wind chime hanging above the railing that Benny started hitting at, figuring out that he was making noise. He would just watch it until it stopped, then hit it again. Then he started trying to grab the chimes, so I lifted him up to reach them, and realized that he was mostly interested in trying to put them in his mouth. (Eww.) As I was watching him, I realized that what he was doing was pre-writing movements all on his own. It’s not always that hard after all!

  10. jarahoney Says:

    Benny loves to have books read to him, and sits still for much longer than I would usually expect him to. We also like to play Pat-a-cake for pre-reading. I used to just clap his hands together for all of the song except for patting and rolling, but I started helping him actually do the motions, and he thinks it’s hilarious. Maybe we will be able to do it with each other before too long.

  11. mary Says:

    Hi Jarahoney, Thanks for sharing what you are trying with your son. He is at a great age to begin working on finger plays and nursery rhymes. Pat-a-cake is a great one to start with. Have you tried the “Insy, Weensy spider yet?” You could take a look at the web site for public domain Nursery rhyme lyrics to refresh your memory on the words. Also the local library has books on Nursery Rhymes if you want pictures to go along with what you are teaching. Good luck–Mary

  12. hjvincent Says:

    So, with Pre- reading this week we’ve been reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” with Zoe and we’ve read it so much that she’s got it memorized. We’ve been reading a couple other books too that she can “read” to Lexi too. It’s been a relief to have Zoe help out with Lexi by reading to her sometimes. I was thinking that it’d be a great gift idea to have Zoe “read” a few books and we’d video her and then make DVD’s for some of our younger family members. We’ll see if that happens this year. It’d be great to just put it in next year when Zoe will be at school and Lexi is missing her! Both the girls love books though and we all cherish our family time together reading books or playing games at bedtime with the girls! I love that just doing something as simple as that is really building a foundation that she’ll build on for years to come!

  13. mary Says:

    Hi hjvincent, You are doing a wonderful job of exposing Zoe to books. When a child is asking to have the same book read over and over again, it is meeting a need they have in their life in some way. Then when she memorizes the book and has the opportunity to “read” (from memory) to a younger sibbling that is great practice for her and builds confidence (and a thrill for the younger child). Simple books with simple plots and a few words are great to memorize. This is all part of the Pre-Reading stages. Great job Mom, for the love of reading is “caught” before it is taught. You are making reading a great “catch” for both of your girls.

  14. hjvincent Says:

    So, this month we’ve been super busy already with the holidays and sometimes I find myself feeling rushed and feeling like I don’t have enough time to spend with my kids one on one but the teachings in this class help with that so here is one of the activites that we’ve done recently. Plus the flip books that I love and seem to be my go to place for when I’m drawing a blank on what to do. So, I flipped open the book for Zoe and I did the first one I flipped to and it was such an easy one and so fun. I took out a cookie sheet and found 6 different items around the house and then put them on the cookie sheet and talked to her about each one and then had her close her eyes and then I took one away. I then asked her which one was missing. She did really well, though she did get a little frustrated when she couldn’t remember which one was gone, but we talked about the others and it just triggered something so she could remember what she was missing. Then I let her collect things and I picked what was missing. It was really fun and took hardly no time at all but was so fun for both of us!

  15. hjvincent Says:

    One of our favorite things during the holidays- and well anytime actually- is baking! I’m not fantastic at it, but I do enjoy it and my daughters are learning to as well. They both put on their little aprons and then help me stir, measure and pour things into the bowl. Though I’m sure more of it gets ate by my helpers then ever makes it into the pan, it’s a joy to see their love of cooking and to be learning school things too. The pre math part is a joy to teach Zoe when cooking. She has to pour things into the measuring cup- weather it’s all the way to the 1 cup or just to the 3 over 4 of a cup she’s learning and I’m learning to be patient!

  16. mary Says:

    What great experience working with fractions as you are cooking together. Whether you are making something to eat, or just providing measuring cups in the sink full of water; either way the experience can be enjoyed. Fractions are a difficult concept for young children once they make it to grade school. Many have not had any experience seeing the different sizes up close. Sure they will not remember that 1/4th is smaller than 3/4ths… but they do see that “fractions” come in different sizes. As a result, when they get to grade school and have a math worksheet that shows a picture (abstract concept) of measuring cup, their mind can remember back to the fun experience they had (concrete experience) as a younger child. You are helping them to learn that Math can be fun… way to go mom!!

  17. Kahle Says:

    One of the pre-math activities I did recently with my 3 year old is bought some cheap flashcards at walmart or make your own and took cereal pieces and placed the number of cereal piece on the flashcard according to the number. Very quick activity and helps with number recognition.

  18. Kahle Says:

    In the last week as Christmas gifts we made cinnamon rolls as Christmas gifts for family member so I had my 3 year old help with the measuring of the ingrediants and then she also helped with rolling out the dough which was great for fine motor skills. She throughly enjoyed this activity and was able to learn measurements and what a cup and 1/2 cup meant.

  19. mary Says:

    Kahle, this was a wonderful way to include your daughter into readiness skills like pre-writing and pre-math. The dough would strengthen her hand muscles, and the concrete visual of the measuring will help her understand how the term 1/2 cup can be visualized. So much of the early childhood years consists of providing opportunities to put “labels or terms” with concrete items. When your daughter enters school, she will have a vast vocabulary that she has learned and will be able to draw from for use in the classroom. Plus… the smell of the cinnamon rolls baking in the oven and the eating of them will add to the memory building. What great memories you are building with your young daughter…

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