Do you have a Pre-Math activity you would like to share?

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  1. hjvincent Says:

    Our 4 year old lately has really enjoyed playing with our board games and Patrick came up with a great game for her. It might be a little young for her as it’s pretty easy for her but it’s been fun too. So, we took out Backgammon and let her roll the dice and whatever number she rolls she has to build a tower with that many pieces using the little round game pieces. It’s fun and we even include our 21 month old by letting her roll the dice too!

  2. mary Says:

    Thank you hjvincent for sharing a fun way to include in Dad with a board game and “bonding” with your daughters. He has thought of a great idea for using an existing game and adjusting it to the needs and abilities of your two daughters. What a treat to have time with “Daddy” as well. He sounds like a great husband and father… : )

  3. Kahle Says:

    This month has been focused on many different activities but one that we have focused on is math. I played dominoes with my 3 year old and this helped teach her matching skills along with counting. I made my own dominoes out of cardstock paper.

  4. Kahle Says:

    One activity we did to practice math skills was number bingo this helped Kaihtlyn start to recognize numbers. I would draw the number from the bag, show it to her and say the number. I made my own bingo cards and calling cards out of cardstock. This is a quick and easy but fun game for little ones learning their numbers.

  5. Kahle Says:

    recently we bought some small wooden colored blocks and I would make patterns with them or build a small structure and have my 3 year old replicate it, she was required to use the same color of blocks in the same place that i used them.

  6. Kahle Says:

    Along with the post above about building patterns with blocks you could also draw these out onto paper and color the different squares and have the child place a block where they belong on the paper, simple activity that would not take much time.

  7. Kahle Says:

    To practice one to one ratio and color sorting we bought some pompoms and a silicone muffin tin and placed a single colored sticker in each muffin so that Kaihtlyn could place the pompoms into the muffin tin by their color. To work on fine motor skills i bought some bamboo tongs and she used those to pick up the pompoms. The smaller the pom pom was the harder it was for her to pick it up. This was a great activity for her to do one her own and she enjoyed it.

  8. Kahle Says:

    One last activity I will mention that we did recently is with a half piece of cardstock i divided it in half again and so on one forth of it i wrote a number and then on the other half I had my 3 yr old place that many stickers, this helps with number recognition and eventually i will cut them in half and she can use them as a matching game once she is more familiar with the written number.

  9. Kahle Says:

    You can give you child a die and let them roll it and count the dots. Give them a sheet with numbers written on it or from Mary’s patterns take the number sheet and have them trace the number of dots they rolled on the dice.

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