Do you have a Pre-Reading activity you would like to share?

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  1. Kahle Says:

    This month we read a book about making gingerbread men and gingerbread houses and following our story we built a ginderbread house out of graham crackers, frosting and candy. The following day we made sugar cookies and cut them into gingerbreadmen. This activity was a bit messy but in the end was well worth it to see the satisfaction on my daughters face when she exclaimed that she had made them!! We also utilized this as a math activity as we counted out and sorted the candies that we placed on the gingerbread house.

  2. Kahle Says:

    This last month we have been working on colors and shapes. For one of our activities we read the book “falling leaves” in the book they talked about different colored leaves and how they fell from the trees. To bring this book alive I cut out leaves in different shapes and colors and we identified them and matched them to the leaves in the book. After that activity we took the leaves into an open area of our house and I threw them into the air and let my daughter catch them as they fell to the ground, she absolutely loved this! Then she threw them in the air and I caught them, we would then count the leaves we caught and sorted them by colors.

  3. Kahle Says:

    One of my daughters favorite books now is the book about her, it is awesome to hear her read it. Kaihtlyn likes icecream, Kaihtlyn likes the color pink. We put pictures or things on cardstock punched holes in it and tied it with yarn. The book is all about her and what she likes. This would be fun to do every year or two to see how much they change.

  4. mary Says:

    What a wonderful way to introduce her to the world of books… Kahle, you have done an excellent job creating a book that is about her and the things she enjoys doing. Not only will that help her to “pretend to read the page” but it will freeze in time who she is right now and the things she enjoys. Ironically, we think we wont forget those things, but we do. You will enjoy reading this back and reminence over these wonderful young years.

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