Do you have a Pre-Writing activity you would like to share?

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  1. hjvincent Says:

    Recently Zoe’s been really interested in writing her letters and she does get very frustrated when she can’t write a certain one, so we’ve done a couple different things to help with this. I put some shaving cream on a cookie sheet and let her write her letters in it. Another way we are helping is to dot out the letters and have her trace them. She’s doing much better now though she still struggles with some of the letters including the small b and small d and how confusing it is that they look alike but just face a different direction. She’s learning and she’s enjoying it and that’s what really matters.

  2. mary Says:

    The confusion with the “b” and the “d” is very typical for children; sometimes lasting up to 2nd grade. When I taught first grade, I would share with my students a funny story to help them to remember the difference… Take a piece of paper and write a capital and lower case Bb and Dd. Explain to your child that the capital letter “B” has “bad breath” so the lower case “b” has its “back” towards the capital “B” so he does not have to smell it; but the “Dd’s” are “deeply in love” with each other so they face each other. Sometimes to make the point I would put a small pair of lips on the Dd’s to make the story even funnier. You will usually hear “oh, yuk” from the boys and “aw” from the girls but giggles and laughs tend to follow.

    Use your judgment on whether this would be worth telling to your almost 5 year old.

  3. hjvincent Says:

    We’ve been working on small motor skills with Lexi- who is almost 22 months. She’s really been excited about the play kitchen and all the play food stuffs, so I put a little piece of paper on a little play spoon and had her walk with it and it’s soo cute to see her walk soo slowly so she doesn’t drop it and even cups her hand under the end of the spoon in case it does fall off. It is just precious. Then I have her put little things on the spoon so she’s using those little hand muscles to pinch things to put on the spoon to carry around. It was really fun- for both of us in fact!

  4. mary Says:

    Considering the time of the year, she is probably seeing you in the kitchen cooking and preparing for the holidays and this gives her a chance to role play what she sees you doing. What a great way to include your little one into your world and strengthen hand muscles along the way… : )

  5. Kahle Says:

    Recently while making cinnamon rols with my daughter who is 3 years old we took the dough and rolled it into a “snake” and then formed it into the letters of her name, didnt even have to get out the playdough which would also work for this project.

  6. Kahle Says:

    One game we have played is alphabet bingo to help with letter recognition. I made my own bingo cards and call cards out of cardstock. I place the call cards in a brown paper bag and pull one out show it to my 3 yr old and say the name of the letter.

  7. Kahle Says:

    For letter recognition I made some flashcards out of cardstock and i drew and colored the same letter twice and then I used those for a matching game, she flips them over so that she can not see them and we play it like a game of memory.

  8. Kahle Says:

    An actvity that Mary had mentioned in our course was the alpha lacing and it has been great, I take the letter cut it out of cardstock or use foam board and punch holes in it then take a piece of yarn and have child lace the letters, my three year old loves this activity. You could also lace shapes.

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