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January 2011 Starts the beginning of our Tools for Motherhood Podcast Series.

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2011 January Premath
2011 May Podcast-Patterning

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3-4 Year Old Activities K/K 2010 from Mary Duncan on Vimeo.

On April 2010, we will begin a new page on the Website that will feature different moms that have been a part of Tools for Motherhood workshops or the 7-week Study. Our first Mom and Daughter are Kahle and Kaihtlyn (who is almost 4). During our time there videotaping, I so enjoyed seeing the positive repore between mother and child. Kahle gave direction to the projects, modeled how to do them if needed, gave eye-to-eye contact, and sat at Kaihtlyn’s level. Notice how she gains her daughters attention… Before Kahle sat her daughter in her high chair, she had the items stacked next to her (the Mom’s) seat at the table. It does take some time getting everything organized ahead of time, but it sure maximizes her one-on-one time with her daughter. Juice and a small snack were give right before hand so she was not hungry during their focused time. The time was 10:30 in the morning which was her daughters alert active time. We so appreciated the opportunity to come over and watch their “project time.”