Pre Science


The Pre-Science Standards we will reinforce this month provide opportunities to demonstrate and understand the process of scientific inquiry and logical thinking. Benchmark 1.1 demonstrates the skill of problem-solving with cause and effect.

Infant Activities

Birth to 6 months
*Tummy time with assorted “safe” ornaments around to look at and try to reach.
6-12 months
*Placing some fun ornaments inside a container like a box or purse and taking them out again.
12-24 months
*With a telephone, play like you are calling baby Jesus and talking to him.
*Toddlers this age enjoy pushing and pulling toys around.

Activities to create higher level thinking skills:
*Talk with your little one about Christmas and the joy of giving to others. Is there a family less fortunate to whom you could give this Christmas? Possibly the rescue mission might enjoy toys no longer played with. God gave His greatest gift to us - His son, Jesus. For an activity, blow up a balloon. With a permanent marker, draw a heart on the balloon with the name Jesus written in it. Show your child how to tap the balloon and make it move up in the air.
*Cause & Effect: The idea is to “give” the balloon back and forth between the 2 of you. An older child might tap it back to you. With younger ones it may be enough just to keep it up in the air. As it flies in the air, say “Yeah, Jesus!” You will want plenty of room for this high energy activity like the basement or garage.

*Sew bells onto a wide piece of elastic for a bracelet. As you sing Christmas songs, have them dance around the room rattling the bells on their wrist.

*Cooking is a wonderful “Cause and Effect” lesson whether it be an easy Chex Party Mix made with a scoop here and a scoop there, or a more complex cookie baking and frosting time. It is fun for kids to mix ingredients together and eat the “effects” of what they created.

The Pre-Science Standards we will reinforce this month provide opportunities to demonstrate and understand the process of scientific inquiry and logical thinking. Benchmark 1.1 demonstrates the skill of problem-solving with cause and effect.

Various nuts purchased at grocery store.
If your store has a scoop shovel and containers of all the different nuts, it would be fun for your child to scoop and place into the bag.
You can compare how many small nuts in a scoop compared to how many large.

Questions to ask:
Infants may tend to place nuts in mouth, so do keep an eye on them. Around 8 months, place a nut under a towel or bowl and see if your child will look for it. Make a big deal when they find it.
If nuts are placed in a pot, perhaps they would like to stir them or bang the lid on it.
If nuts are placed in a container with a lid or a small purse that opens, your 2-year-old will enjoy opening and closing the container and putting in (for example) the big walnuts.
Your 3-year-old may begin to observe how the nuts are the same and different. Find an empty egg carton and show him how to place one nut in each spot. Perhaps use salad tongs to pick them up.
4-year-olds will want to crack the nut and try simple experiments. Perhaps provide a container of water and test which nuts float and which sink.
Your 5-year-old may want to see if he can get a nut to grow. Place an assortment in a clear baggie with a moist sponge. Possibly add bean seeds for faster growth. Place in front of a sunny window and check every few days.

Whatever the age of your child, start with the younger aged activity and build from there. Each child will grow and learn at his or her own pace. That is what makes each child unique and special with strengths and weaknesses in various areas.

Around 9 months old: Show your little one how to sing the Insy Weensy Spider. Include in the finger actions along with it. (If you are not sure how to sing it, there is a YouTube video that sings the lyrics for you.)
Insy Winsy spider climbing up the spout
Down came the rain and washed the spider out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
Now Insy Winsy spider went up the spout again!
Graduates Share
19 months, Matching Household items By Heather, Topeka

So I collected 5 pairs of items in a baggie. I then called her into the living room and we dumped the bag on the floor. I held up one item and she picked the matching item. Iwas surprised how well she did though she got distracted with some of the new items. It was a fun game for her. I did have 2 scarecrow figurines and an earring and she got distracted trying to put the earrings on the scarecrows. : )

Recommendation: Yes, we had great fun!

2 1/2 years old Tree painting activity By Shannon, Topeka

As the leaves began to change during the Fall season I began to point this out to Seth. I asked him if he knew what color the leaves were before they fell and was able to remember that they were green. So he painted what I called the "summer time" tree. I found a template of a tree trunk on line and printed it out. Seth colored it brown and then with green finger paint he took his thumb and made "green leaves" he put on the tree. Next we talked about what color the leaves were outside right now (Fall). He was able to point out that some were yellow and orange. So we did the same thing only this time Seth made yellow and orange leaves on his tree and we called it the "Fall" tree.

Recommendations: Yes, this is a great way to get your kiddo to start noticing things around them and how they are changing. With winter time, I could have him also create a tree with no leaves. Perhaps we could make a book of trees and have each of the 4 seasons represented in the book by showing how the tree would look. When each season changes, we can get out the book he made and point out what will happen to the tree and what will happen next. Then we can watch for it to unfold...

2 1/2 Years Old I simply took Seth outside and walked down our street and we filled a paper sack full of what he thought looked interesting. I asked him to look for different colored leaves on the ground and other items. I also pointed out different shaped leaves and how some were big and some were little. We talked about the wind and how it helps the leaves fall of the tree. We also talked about the season of Fall and how the leaves change colors in the Fall. Seth picked up all different colored leaves and even found some tree bark and acorns to add to his collection. Whe we got back to our house we pulled the stuff out of his bag and put into piles ranging from size, shape and color. I then laid out a big piece of paper for Seth and let him have a glue bottle and glue as much of his collection to his paper he wanted to make on his collage. Any changes might be that next time, I might change it for the seasons. There will be different treasures to be looking for depending on the time of the year. This is a great activity because it gets the child's curiosity going. It was so fun to see what we could find in the grass! -- Shannon

3 Years Old We have been talking about pumpkins alot lately. We visited a couple pumpkin patches and brought one of our favorites home. After talking about the shape of a pumpkin, we made sugar cookies cut into the shape of pumpkins. On the lid of a cottage cheese container, I traced the pumpkin shape from the cookie cutter and cut it out. Kaihtlyn then used paint to paint in the pumpkin shape onto paper. I would hold it down in place while she painted. She was so proud of her painting. Looking back, I think I might try to tape the lid down next time for her. --Kahle

4 Years Old So during Lexi's nap, Zoe and I went for a short walk around the block. Well she's been learning to ride her big bike so we took it and got to practice breaking on her bike everytime she saw something to add to her goody bag--which was very often. So as we walked/rode we saw things to collect such as leaves, acorns, walnuts, feathers, pine cones etc... Then we got home and dumped them on the porch to sort. So leaves with leaves, acorns with acorns... then we corted by size the leaves and then by colors. The problem now is where to put this great collection. I loved getting that chance to spend time with Zoe and talk about God's creation. --Suggestions... Bring a smaller bag to fill. This was a great activity to just walk and tak about nature and how God made it all.--Heather.

Amy, one of our TFM Moms who has 3 boys, has a couple of web sites she would like to share with the group. The first one is about tree/leaf website: